The Importance of Website Maintenance for the Brand and User

One of the worst assumptions a company can make about their website is: “The site is up, whew, glad we have that done!” This idea stands in stark contrast to best web practices and most web savvy business people know it.

However, the more dangerous assumption is that updates and changes only need to happen once in a while, quarterly or bi-annually. Though this belief edges closer to the ideal, it falls short. In reality, your brand and user experience are tied in part to how up-to-date your content and designs are.

The focal point for every website’s post-launch activity is maintenance. Content edits are certainly simple and easily executed tasks a company can complete. But consider other activities which expand your site and offer the visitor additional features of interaction which keep them on-site longer, thereby exposing more of your brand to them:

  • Adding a “search” box – This allows your visitors to complete their missions without incident, associating the positive experience with your brand.
  • Incorporating dynamic directions – Adding the ability for a visitor to map their way to your business does two things simultaneously. First, it keeps the user on your site (which is extremely important). Secondly, it enhances the experience. By keeping the visitor away from Google or Yahoo! Maps the experience remains clean and simple – two recurring words visitors use when describing sites they like.
  • Start blogging – Use this as a forum for announcing business strategies, relationships and decisions. Share some industry standards and tricks alike with your visitors to help them become more knowledgeable. ( such a good idea, I think we should do that! )
  • Is your clientele bi-lingual? – How about creating a version of your site for the non-English speaking audience? Providing your content in a different language may expose your brand to a new demographic that until now never considered your company for lack of comprehension.

A mental block site owners have to be conscious of is, as visitors to our own sites, we become blind to the errors or the staleness of content and imagery. Those who come to our sites to find information (especially current information) want to be there and experience the new aspects of the site. So, don’t be lackadaisical in giving it to them.


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