How does keeping your website up-to-date help increase sales?

Listed below are just some of the reasons why it is important to keep your website up-to-date:

  • Save Time – Save yourself, or your sales representatives, time from having to re-explain things over and over again. If you have new products/services or specials it is important to display them on your website in a consistent place so people continue to come back to your website with confidence that your website will have up-to-date information and so they do not have to go through the hassle of calling or emailing.
  • Boost Search Engine Results – By updating the information on your website and archiving old information, search engines such as Yahoo and Google, will pick up on this type of activity and view your website as a better choice for people searching for products and services that you sell.
  • Increase Interaction – By developing consistent methods (Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Link Partnerships, etc.) to drive current and potential clients back to your website to view updated information, you will develop habits from your current and potential clients. This consistency is something that you need to review closely through your website statistics to find out the effectiveness of these methods.

These are just a few reasons to why you want to develop a maintenance strategy to turn your website from an informational source into a tool. The other key aspect is choosing an established website company that specializes in website maintenance and is fit to understand and handle requests you may have and someone who understands your industry. To develop a successful relationship you need to find out how well they communicate and how fast they can turnover minor and major tasks. I have listed a few other qualities to look for when choosing a company to handle your website maintenance:

  • Easy to access
  • Quick Response time
  • Attention to detail
  • Attention to overall strategy or purpose of your website
  • Commitment to documenting hours needed to complete work

By developing a sound website marketing strategy, you increase the likelihood of return visitors and you will drive business to your site and help realize your full online sales and profit potential.


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