Name your most valuable salesperson

If someone were to ask you to name your most valuable salesperson, would your website be in the running?

Want to build a Website for your business? We make it easy to start today!

Having a website makes it easy to keep your customers informed and manage consumer requests more efficiently. This will allow you to focus on providing the quality products and services your customers have come to rely on. Start today for as low as $500* What you get Professional Design Exceptional Functionality Content Management System Professional Copywriting One Domain Name registration for Free Homepage Design 5-8… Read the full article »

Should you try to create your own website or hire a professional?

These days, many tech-savvy business owners are faced with the question: “should I just create my own website?” Building a website using a template can make the process much more straightforward, but what are the pros and cons of each approach? Building your own website First things first, what hosting platform should you use? With so many options & so many different features, the process… Read the full article »

How does keeping your website up-to-date help increase sales?

Listed below are just some of the reasons why it is important to keep your website up-to-date: Save Time – Save yourself, or your sales representatives, time from having to re-explain things over and over again. If you have new products/services or specials it is important to display them on your website in a consistent place so people continue to come back to your website… Read the full article »

Top 5 Fails of Website Design

In the digital age a website is no longer a nice optional extra, it’s an essential and multi-faceted marketing tool. It can attract people to your brand, provide them with information about your products and services, help you to capture their details for further marketing and even allow them to make a purchase directly. Getting a website right requires a lot of thought and planning…. Read the full article »

The Importance of Website Maintenance for the Brand and User

One of the worst assumptions a company can make about their website is: “The site is up, whew, glad we have that done!” This idea stands in stark contrast to best web practices and most web savvy business people know it. However, the more dangerous assumption is that updates and changes only need to happen once in a while, quarterly or bi-annually. Though this belief… Read the full article »